Partner: Travel like a local with Ulaanbaatar tourist board & what3words

The Tourism Board of Ulaanbaatar are now listing 3 word addresses to ensure tourists can easily discover all the delights of the Mongolian capital.

Although some areas of Ulaanbaatar have street names, many parts of the city have no addresses at all. This limits tourists’ ability to explore easily and discover things for themselves. Finding locations in the real world is difficult without constantly stopping to ask for directions, or using a lot of data trying to locate them on a smartphone. And of course cellular reception is often patchy.

The Tourism Board of Ulaanbaatar has created a guide to the city along with a public map including 3 word addresses for key locations. It means tourists can find everything they need; from supermarkets and hotels to hostels and pharmacies.

One of the most popular Mongolian adventures is camping in a traditional Mongolian yurt – but in rural areas in the middle of the Steppe they can be incredibly difficult to find. Now, each of the Ger campsites has their own 3 word address. Kurkhree Tur is located at traded.crackles.choice outside of Ulaanbaatar.

Nothing can be seen of it – no roads or streets or yurts – on Google Maps view

On satellite view, the camp with its traditional Mongolian Gers can be seen

With 3 word addresses and the UB tourist board it is simple to find all the places you might want to see and really travel like a local.

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