3 word addresses in action

Adding a 3 word address to apps, websites, contact pages and business cards is a great way of ensuring accuracy – whether navigating, discovering or documenting. From running clubs to libraries, holiday camps to meeting rooms, and here are some of our favourite examples of where adding a 3 word address makes life that bit simpler.


Using a 3 word address is far more accurate than a postal address and much easier to remember, use and share than a set of coordinates.


Adding a 3 word address to a contact page adds an extra layer of accuracy, making it even easier for people to find your business. We recommend placing a what3words: prefix before the 3 word address.


A 3 word address can pinpoint exact locations for places which are difficult to find using conventional address systems or which are poorly signposted.

We’ve made it really simple to generate your own 3 word address embed code for your website. Visit map.what3words.com, navigate to your 3 word address and click share pin location in the bottom word bar.