Partner: Moving via mini-truck with what3words and Blowhorn

Traffic and congestion in some of India’s biggest cities makes delivering goods by mini-truck a challenge in itself. And with unreliable street addressing in the mix, the challenge can become a real struggle. Logistics specialists, Blowhorn, are bucking that trend, by integrating 3 word addresses into their collection and delivery service.


From 1 gram to 1 ton

Blowhorn provides both mini-trucks and drivers, who can be booked to move almost anything swiftly and reliably. They currently operate in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad, and have ambitions to expand their service throughout the country.

blowhornLost in Chennai

Booking a truck and driver can be done via the Blowhorn website or app. Users simply enter their pick-up and destination point, and wait for the driver to arrive. However, with the country suffering from poor addressing, identifying exactly where those locations are is often a challenge.

Time spent searching for a specific address means time wasted – for the driver and customer alike. More importantly, customers only pay for the time they use. So every minute that ticks by, trying to locate the next job, equates to money lost and fuel costs spent, which the company has to cover.


Finding an easy way

Blowhorn has now integrated the what3words services into its app, meaning collection and delivery points can now be identified via a unique 3 word addresses. Drivers no longer need to call the customer for directions if they get lost. Instead, they can pinpoint locations down to a precise 3x3m square, which is as vital in the centre of a busy city as it is in the more rural outskirts.

Customers can also benefit from 3 word addresses when they book the service. Rather than being presented with an inaccurate – or in some cases non-existent – map point when finding a location, they can now enter their unique 3 word address and the system will know exactly where to go.

3 word addresses have helped make the whole experience more seamless, with improved accuracy from start to finish. These benefits are resulting in a better service, improved customer satisfaction and more efficient business operations.


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