Navigating with a 3 word twist


Check out our favourite 3 word address-friendly apps for navigating the world beyond your doorstep. Why not install them on your smart device and try them out today? You’ll find helpful links below.


This multi-modal transit app is the first to combine both public and private transport modes into one trip. Thanks to what3words integration, you can specify the 3 word start and end points of a trip, and display the 3 word address of any location on the map.

– Available on iOS and Android


The award-winning smart navigation and traffic app has integrated what3words so its 26 million users will never get lost. Users can discover, share and navigate to a 3 word address, straight from the Navmii app. The service also works offline – perfect for foreign destinations.

– Available on iOS and Android


Targeted at travellers and hikers, PocketEarth’s apps offer global travel guides and offline maps for every adventure. Rather than relying on complex GPS coordinates, you can search and navigate to 3 word addresses around the world, and display the 3 word address for any location.

– Available on iOS

GeoFlyer 3D

If you love walking, biking, skiing, or any other outdoor activity, GeoFlyer 3D Maps is the app for you. It reproduces terrain in stunning 3D, using the latest elevation data. Every spot on the map can also be found via a 3 word address, ensuring you always know exactly where you are.

– Available on iOS

GeoView Pro

This geospatial image and data viewing app is designed for professionals, scientists and just about anyone who uses a map. It lets you layer graphics, grids and other data on top of a base map image. The app features 3 word address location searches, ensuring pinpoint accuracy even without a data connection.

– Available on iOS

With what3words, navigation has never been easier. More precise than postal addressing and easier to remember and share than GPS coordinates, 3 word addresses offer a simple way to talk about location.

This is just a snapshot of some of the many apps and services with what3words built in. Take a look at our full range of tools to find the perfect solution for your addressing needs.

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