Grab an early Christmas gift with what3words and giffgaff

Christmas comes early for a few lucky prize winners, thanks to a festive treasure hunt from giffgaff and a sprinkling of 3 word address magic, courtesy of what3words.

Santa’s big day might be just around the corner but the poor guy has lost a few important presents. And giffgaff are giving you the chance to win them. To find their precise location, players need to solve a daily 3 word riddle and enter those words into the online map.

Each clue relates to a unique 3 word address. And the custom what3words map pinpoints the precise 3m x 3m spot, somewhere in the UK. Every player who gets the 3 word address right will be entered into a daily draw for the chance to win a smartphone of their choice.

This latest 3 word treasure hunt follows in the footsteps of giffgaff’s popular find.catch.share tool. During the summer’s Pokémon Go craze, the map pinpointed the 3 word addresses of Pokéstops and Gyms throughout the UK, helping players catch even the most elusive characters.

Think you can solve the clues and pinpoint the 3 word address? Then click here to help Santa find his missing phones.

Learn more about using 3 word addresses for navigation