3 words coming to a screen near you

3 word addresses are being increasingly used in TV, film and photography – both behind the camera and on centre stage. Whether assisting location scouts in pinpointing the most impressive scenery, coordinating a crew on-set, helping filming units get the right shot, or even becoming part of the actual plot narrative, what3words is making the step up to the silver screen.

“Roll VT”

The TV show, Fishing Impossible, takes fishing to the extreme. The team often ventures to the middle of nowhere to catch some of the fiercest fish in the water. And how does the crew effectively communicate their location to the aerial filming unit, Helicopter Works, in the face of crashing waves, driving rain and thrashing sharks hooked on the end of the line? With a simple 3 word address shared – well, shouted – over the radio. That’s how.   

From action fishing to artistic framing. The Johns brothers shoot stunning natural scenery around the world, from the rugged South West of the UK to the extreme edge of Iceland. The brothers use 3 word addresses to accurately pinpoint where each amazing location can be found.   


Andrew and Pete Johns are sibling landscape photographers.

Commercial photographer, Gabriel Nivera, also keeps the what3words app handy when shooting around the world. He uses 3 word addresses to record precise locations, so he can return to them when the lighting has improved. Plus, with a 3 word address tagged to every photo, he can always recall exactly where the shot was taken.


3 word addresses have become integral to Gabriel Nivera’s production process

3 word addresses are even cropping up in social media, as more and more people use what3words on Instagram and Twitter. Next time you take a great shot, remember to include its 3 word address in the description and tag it with #what3words so we can find and share it too.

Location scouts from the movie industry have seen the benefit of precise 3 word addresses to identify potential places for future filming. Location Works is a UK-based scouting company for film, TV and commercials. They capture the 3 word address of promising spots, providing both a practical method of storing the many locations and a simple way to share a shortlist with clients.

An Instagram shot from from what3words user @_kedicim

3 word addresses even made an appearance on set for Steven Spielberg’s latest sci-fi production, Ready Player One. Daily call sheets included 3 word address filming locations, down to the 3m x 3m square to feature in a scene. It helped to put the crew in just the right place and keep shooting on schedule.

On the set of Ready Player One, daily call sheets not only specify cast, crew and scenes to be filmed. They also include the 3 word address for each filming location.

In Canada, what3words has also been helping contestants take on the action-packed scavenger hunt TV show, Montreal Urban Race. Teams used 3 word addresses to discover the city’s unique history, art and community, with the first to reach the finish line claiming the top prize.

And Hollywood has started to write 3 word addresses into their plots. A recent episode of the action-drama series, The Last Ship, saw the US team hunt down a Chinese warship with only a cryptic set of 3 words to go by. The team realized that the words related to coordinates, helping them track the ship down and save the day.

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3 word addresses are helping to enable art, entertainment and adventure across the globe. Visit our News page for more of the latest what3words stories and updates. And if you’d like to see how what3words can help your business, organisation or even your next blockbuster movie, please get in touch below.