Partner: Validating identities with what3words and Bluenumber

Bluenumbers let people announce their existence and own their data on a global public registry. The ability to define who you are and where you are is a fundamental factor to reducing inequality around the world and achieving several of the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

This free service is helping to build an open, public resource – called BlueView – for everyone by everyone. BlueView searches have been enhanced through what3words integration, allowing users to associate their unique Bluenumber to an equally unique 3 word address.


With what3words, individuals can pinpoint their precise location to a 3m x 3m square, anywhere on the planet. And with a Bluenumber they’re empowered to self-verify that unique spot as their own. The system is open for others to confirm that location and the individual identified there.

One use of Bluenumbers is in identifying specific people at specific places, to help highlight the previously ‘invisible’ stages of a supply chain process. Now any farmer, garment maker, wholesale stockist or reseller can be identified with a Bluenumber, enabling them to be both accountable for their work and voluntarily benchmarked on their performance.


The collaboration between what3words and Bluenumber will help to measure the progress of SDGs at an individual level. By providing a more accurate picture of where people are in the world – via the precision of a 3 word address – governments, businesses, NGOs and local communities can develop more effective policies and solutions to deliver the SDGs.

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