Welcome to the what3words API

We encourage developers to create applications using what3words, and we want to make it as easy as possible for what3words to be integrated within existing apps and software.

At the moment, our API is completely free. We intend to introduce different pricing levels in the future, but there will always be ways to use it for free, particularly for low volume. We don't yet know the exact pricing structure, but we are committed to ensuring it is transparent, sensible and flexible. We welcome your feedback on the topic.

We're very keen to help you if you want to work with us while our API is completely free, and our early adopters can expect to benefit from extremely favourable pricing as and when/if we do start charging!

On this API portal, we will publish all the details you need to use our API, as well as additional useful information to help you make the most of what3words.

Sign Up

The what3words API requires a key for use, please click below to sign up and receive your API key.

API Sign Up

Tech Spec

The JSON API has 14 methods - see the reference and sample code for more info.

Reference & sample code

App URL Scheme

The what3words iOS and Android apps include a URL scheme to allow you to link directly into the apps.

Brand Assets and Style Guide

You are allowed (and encouraged!) to use what3words brand assets within your app/software where appropriate.

We also ask that you follow our very simple style guide when referring to what3words.

Please get in touch if you want anything else.

Batch Conversion Tools

Convert a batch of lat,long co-ordinates to 3 words, or vice versa using our free batch conversion tools.

Batch conversion tool

Tech Blog

Read about existing w3w API implementations, news and ideas in our Tech blog


For API technical support enquiries please email api-support@what3words.com

For API account enquiries please email api-sales@what3words.com