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Partner: 3 words to find a warship – TNT’s The Last Ship

The Last Ship is a highly rated American action-drama television series, based on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley. In Series 3 Episode 9: Eutopia, the US team are tasked with hunting down Chinese war ships who are using a code consisting  of 3 cryptic words…   Watch the episode promo below:  

Partner: Commanding drones with what3words and Altavian

The rise of drone technology is changing the face of many industries and services, from crop inspection or fire reconnaissance to emergency medical response and aid drop off. Unmanned aircraft built by Altavian are now using what3words to route their drones to specific locations via a unique 3 word address. Eyes in the sky Altavian […]

Partner: Irish tourism guides adopt 3 word addresses | 🇮🇪

West Cork’s The Southern Star and MeathHeritage have both integrated what3words into their offline and online tourism guides. Day trips and holidays are meant to be fun. And mostly they are, until you get lost. Not being able to find where you’re going can lead to walking in circles, grumpy children, and wasted time at […]


According to the UK-based company What3words, I live at offers.reform.curve in Brooklyn. I work for Condé Nast, which has offices in downtown Manhattan at words.artists.names—but today I’m working from a coffee shop at reason.divide.hardly. Afterward, I’ll be drinking at trick.pills.prompting. Read the full article here.  

Press: The Economist | Addressing the world

A great insight into the problems of poor addressing from the Economist. LAST year, a brush fire threatened the home of Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt, who lives in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. Instead of giving the fire brigade his address, though, Mr Ganhuyag had to guide them to the blaze by describing a series of landmarks along […]

Partner: See you at the Esri UC

It is Esri UC time again and we have had a great year since we were last in San Diego. what3words is now being used in over 170 countries by NGO’s, organisations, individuals and governments. These include the UN, Red Cross, Norway’s National Mapping agency, British delivery subcontractor of UPS and we have also just partnered with […]

Partner: 3 words to keep lone workers and explorers safe with Antris

Antris helps organisations safeguard lone-working employees and at-risk teams in the field and uses what3words in route-planning and for emergency response. Both companies are part of Esri’s emerging business program. It is common practice to document travel plans on paper and leave it with a team member in the hope that they will react quickly and appropriately if […]

Partner: Harnessing the sun in Botswana with what3words and Videre

Access to energy is essential for the provision of clean water, sanitation and healthcare, as well as reliable lighting, heating and power. Thanks to Videre Global, those still in the dark are now getting plugged into the solar grid. And thanks to what3words, Videre is able to efficiently deliver, install and maintain their solar solutions […]

Partner: Infotech adds what3words to its LocationBox solutions

Infotech is the leader in providing GIS and location-based services in Turkey and the surrounding region. It provides desktop and mobile solutions for vehicle tracking, navigation and geographic information based on its LocationBox platform. This provides detailed maps that include over one million Points of Interest, more than 1400 brands and over 500K kilometers of […]

Partner: Social datamining platform DataCapable integrates what3words

If a water main breaks, if there’s an electricity outage, if a pothole is found on the street or if there is an incident at a large sporting event, rather than making a phone call business people will post about on social media. These posts can give valuable operational information for utility companies, emergency services […]

Developer: Major update to what3words API released

We’re excited to announce that the next major update to the what3words API is now publicly available. Full details of API v2 can be found on our developer site including a handy migration guide for moving your API v1 application to v2. What’s changed? We’ve updated and versioned the names for each of the main resources that the API supports […]

Award: Special commendation for “transformational technology” from FT & IFC

The FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards and Conference celebrate innovative initiatives that contribute to significant progress in sustainable development around the world. This year, the events built on the momentum generated by the United Nations’ 2015 Climate Change Conference (COP 21). One focus was on the challenges climate change bring to developing economies, particularly in urban […]

Partner: Australia’s Mercury Project Solutions appointed what3words solutions consultant

Location Information Management firm Mercury Project Solutions is proud to announce it has been appointed “Authorised Solutions Consultant” (ASC) for what3words projects in Australia and New Zealand. Mercury Project Solutions delivers services to top tier clients in both the public and private sector to solve complex location business problems and can include what3words as part of […]

Partner: 3 words for address verification with Allies

Allies is an address verification platform thats supports over 240 countries and gets updated daily with around 5000 address changes. It is used by many of the UK’s top businesses, including IKEA, the NHS, and the Post Office. As addresses around the world come in all shapes and sizes, they are really easy to mistype. This costs Ecommerce and deliveries company millions in […]

Partner: 3 words to find your rented house at the Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympic Games in 2016 will bring over a million visitors to Rio de Janeiro. They will all require comfortable, secure and convenient rental accommodation in and around Rio. Founded in 2013, Brazilrentmyhouse.com is a community marketplace for locals to list unique home rental accommodation. The site has already enjoyed great success during the FIFA 2014 World […]

Partner: 3 words to find any location in Ireland with Autoaddress

Autoaddress, the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland, has launched a free Eircode and what3words app for Apple and Android devices that enables users to find and share any address or location in Ireland with maps, directions, deliveries and 3 word addresses. Over 35% of addresses in Ireland share their address with at least one […]