Press: Mashable | 30 of the brightest tech innovations from the UK

30 of the most interesting innovative ideas to come out of the UK including the world wide web, the telephone...and what3words

Press: Financial Times | The internet is not a failed state — here’s why

The web has lived up to its early promise, despite trolling and fake news.

Press: African Herald Express | Djibouti adopts what3words as national postal addressing system

Using 3 word addresses for Djibouti’s postal service is both practical and user friendly for residents, as well as time and cost efficient for the company.

Press: ABC News | Tonga's got mail: New technology provides postal service to remote communities

The Kingdom of Tonga is getting a formal postal system for the first time. The Pacific island nation has joined several other developing countries in adopting what3words' addressing system.

Press: Post & Parcel | Djibouti opts for what3words

La Poste Djibouti have taken the lead and now have a solution that leapfrogs traditional, expensive, and inaccurate street systems.

Press: Bdaily | Another developing nation has adopted what3words for its postal service

what3words has another convert in the form of the national postal system in the Djibouti. Now the country, which becomes the first East African country to adopt the addressing standard, will be able to deliver direct to people’s doors

Press: Radio New Zealand | Tonga will have a new postal system

Like much of the Pacific, Tonga doesn't really have a formal address system, which can make things difficult for the country's mail deliverers.

Press: The New York Times | Morning Briefing

Mail delivery has always been a headache in the archipelago kingdom of Tonga, where some addresses are no more than a village and island name.

The Loop | A revolutionary way of addressing the world

Street names and numbers might be what we’re used to when it comes to locating landmarks across the world, but one company plans to revolutionize the way humans map out locations in an ambitious addressing system.

Press: CNET | what3words digital addresses spread to island nations

what3words illustrates how digital technology can help people leapfrog developments that are slow and expensive to establish.

Press: Today | St. Maarten third country in the world to adopt what3words

Postal Services St. Maarten have revolutionized their capability of pinpointing addresses on the island through a deal with what3words

Press: Today | Three words

The system the British company what3words has devised is stunningly accurate.

Press: DataIQ | New Year’s resolution - more data, use it better

Global address systems such as what3words offer a real opportunity to bring millions of people into the political process, financial services and the wider digital economy.

Press: CNN | Ivory Coast street addresses are now made of three words

Delivering parcels and letters isn't always straightforward in Ivory Coast, where street addresses are few and far between, and large settlements often have no address system at all.

Press: The Hindu Business Line | British company seeks India address to help e-commerce firms in delivery

what3words is hoping to tap into India's burgeoning e-commerce industry by providing a service that makes addresses - and thereby delivery systems - much smarter.

Press: Washington Post | Three-word addressing scheme adopted in Mongolia and Ivory Coast

A neat, out-of-the-box kind of idea, that could make a real difference in the many places in the world where peoples’ lives are really burdened by the absence of an effective street-addressing system.

Press: CNET | Ivory Coast adopts unconventional digital address system

what3words offers an easy-to-remember system for identifying any 3m x 3m square in the world, good for commerce and navigation in the African nation.

Press: Postal Technology International | Ivory Coast adopts what3words addressing system

With few street names, many informal settlements and largely…

Press: Gulf Daily News | what3words launches new address system in Saudi Arabia

what3words has joined hands with Saudi Arabia’s Moqam company to launch what3words’ global address system in the country.

Press: The i newspaper | New code could change the way we deliver mail

Ivory Coast has adopted a new system that could pave the way in a revolution in mail delivery the world over.

Press: Post & Parcel | Côte d’Ivoire opts for what3words

The Côte d’Ivoire’s La Poste has adopted the what3words system as its addressing standard.

Press: Quartz | Ivory Coast is changing all its addresses to three-word phrases

Ivory Coast is following in the footsteps of Mongolia by adding a new three-word addressing method to its postal system.

Press: BBC World Service | Focus on Africa

Jan Jakubowski speaks to Alex Duval Smith about what3words and the adoption of 3 word addresses in Côte d’Ivoire.

Press: African Herald Express | Côte d’Ivoire adopts what3words as postal addressing system

Côte d’Ivoire is the first African nation – and second country in the world – to adopt 3 word addresses to improve its national infrastructure.

Press: BBC News | Ivory Coast post office adopts three-word system

Ivory Coast has adopted a new system of postal addresses that will allow the whole country to receive mail deliveries for the first time.

Press: Bdaily | From Abidjan to Divo, what3words addressing adopted by Côte d’Ivoire postal system

London-based tech firm what3words has added another national postal system to the list of services utilising its unique three-word addressing system.

Press: Saudi Gazette | what3words launched to find any location in Saudi Arabia

what3words announced a new distribution partnership with MOQAM at a press conference in Jeddah on Sunday.

Press: Postal Technology International | Lost and found

With most countries in the world lacking a decent addressing…

Press: Geospatial World | New Delhi startup teams with what3words to get women home safely

A Delhi-based taxi service, Bikxie, is utilizing what3words’ award-winning addressing system to help females travel more safely.

A new brand identity

Our mission is to become the global standard for communicating location, so to create a universal mark we also needed the what3words icon to feel as familiar as a classic map mark.