Taxis require precise addressing, particularly in out of the way locations

Taxis often have trouble finding remote or out of the way locations, particularly in areas with poor addressing systems. The difficulty is amplified if the customer is also not sure of where they are going. This results in taxi drivers having to phone the intended destination for directions.

Inputting of destinations into taxi apps can be difficult, and giving the pick-up location for phone-only taxi companies is often complicated – even more so if the pick-up point is not easily identifiable by a street address.

There are also problems when the taxi has been unable to get to or find the pick-up location that the customer intended, and then needs to communicate its location to the customer.

All locations can be referenced easily using what3words, even in areas with poor addressing systems and lack of signage. A 3 word address can be easily inputted into a taxi app, saving time for the taxi and passenger, which can be lengthy if the passenger is unfamiliar with the destination. People can give a phone-only taxi company their 3 word address which pinpoints an exact location for them to find easily.

For customers: Reduced waiting times and frustration, and better value with metered taxis as there is less wasted time on the meter. For taxi companies and drivers:Less time wasted, resulting in more jobs. Greater efficiency for those who work on pre-booked fixed rates but then lose out when the pickup location or destination causes difficulties.

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