Many of the most amazing places in the world don’t have an address.

what3words is helping hospitality, travel and tourism businesses share the locations of their properties, and travellers explore the world without getting lost.

A 3 word address can pinpoint exact locations for places which are difficult to find using conventional address systems or which are poorly signposted. It is also user-friendly and so can be printed in guidebooks.

People can find places off the beaten track with ease. Fewer people will get lost and fewer people will get into difficulties. Travellers will spend more time enjoying sites and less time getting lost. Foreign travel and exploration becomes easier without addressing issues, and this encourages more trips and more adventurous travel.

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Case studies

Pearlshare lets individuals create bespoke travel guides. Users can save the location of “Pearls” in the area and then share their guide with guests or friends. To help improve this user experience, Pearlshare has teamed up with what3words.

Indy Guide is the largest community marketplace for local guides in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. With what3words integration, travelling abroad is easier than ever before.

The rise of Airbnb has turned the industry on its head, simplifying the process and turning rental properties into an additional source of income. Airsorted goes one step further, for homes in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, with a bespoke service that manages the whole rental experience for you.

Targeted at travellers and hikers, PocketEarth’s apps offer global travel guides and offline maps for every adventure. You can search and navigate to 3 word addresses around the world, and display the 3 word address for every location instead of GPS coordinates.

Download: iOS

The Tourism Board of Ulaanbaatar has created a guide to the city along with a public map including 3 word addresses for key locations. It means tourists can find everything they need; from supermarkets and hotels to hostels and pharmacies.

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Over the years, Landmark Hotels & Suites has grown to become a key hospitality player across the Middle East, operating 8 award-winning hotels in the UAE, India and Saudi Arabia. The hotel group has listed the 3 word address of all its properties, making it even easier for customers to find their home away from home.

RioGo puts the Olympic Games at your fingertips. Tourists, workers and athletes can use the app to plan a trip across Rio de Janeiro. The what3words service is integrated into the app, making travel to a specific location as easy as typing 3 words. The service also works offline, so users can always find their way through the bustling metropolis.

Download: iOS | Android

Navmii gives you turn-by-turn driving and walking navigation. With traffic & hazard warnings, local search, driver analytics, downloadable maps and what3words, Navmii takes the hassle out of finding places.

Download: iOS | Android

TripGo is the only true multi-modal transit app that combines both any public and any private transport mode into one trip. Whether you’re cycling, walking, taking the bus or the underground, or all of them, you can get from A to Z, and everywhere in between, simply and easily. With what3words you can specify 3 word addresses for start and end points, and display the 3 word address of any location by dropping a pin.

Download: iOS | Android

Travel is all about discovering new places and getting new experiences. A Hedonist’s Guide is a high-end travel guide and magazine exploring the best hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, sights, shops and spas in 50 cities around the world. To ensure their travellers get to enjoy these places A Hedonist’s Guide have added 3 word addresses to every destination they list.

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The Independent Map Company (IDMC°) have uncovered a wealth of creatives in cities across the world, all devoted to good quality design and individualism. IDMC° aims to support and to provide a platform for those unknown and hidden stores, cafes, bars and studios often found firmly off the beaten track. To ensure they can be found they have added 3 word addresses to all their listing from Tokyo, to New York and Liverpool to London.

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TripUgo is an activity finder and trip planner with over 55,000 locations of activities and things to do. Discover great places to hike, bike, cycle, climb, drive, dive, golf, fish, swim, surf, skate, ski, trek, ride, sleep, eat & many more things to see, do and enjoy. With what3words integration users can easily locate activities and points of interest when exploring thew world.

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For anyone trekking around Poland’s national parks, Appen’s guides and maps are indispensable. However, describing exact locations especially in open spaces can be very difficult. Appen have overcome this problem by integrating what3words, providing Polish 3 word addresses for every 3m x 3m square in the world.

MeathHeritage has mapped over 3,000 monument and heritage sites across County Meath, from awe-inspiring castle ruins to the small, hidden tomb entrances. Often these sites are in poorly mapped, rural areas and tucked away in hard-to-find locations so on their site. Visitors and locals can simply enter their desired attraction’s 3 word address into the free what3words Android app & iOS app, Navmii driving app or Pocket Earth walking app, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive exactly where they intend.

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The Southern Star publishes guides of “50 things to see & do” in towns across County Cork. Their recommendations combine well-known cultural attractions in urban areas with gems located off the beaten track, which include ancestral sites alongside some of the country’s top birdwatching and surf spots. Now all the advertisers & attractions display their 3 word address.

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