The sleepy French town of Montargis is characterised by the river and canals that provide much of its charm, earning it the nickname ‘the Venice of the Gatinais’. The town is now also on the world map for being home to the first business to name itself after its own 3 word address.

When a short-term lease for a local commercial space became available in early 2016, artists Ludivine Thomas and Benny Andersson submitted plans for a pop-up gallery. They wanted to create a space where a rural population could be exposed to contemporary art.

The pop-up gallery plans were accepted, and tables.empty.workshops opened its doors in March 2016. The gallery’s name marks the 3 word address of the entrance door, making it even easier for visitors to locate it.

tables.empty.workshops provides a vital space for artists in the local community to meet and inspire each other. Eight exhibitions have been held, attracting hundreds of visitors and generating widespread press coverage, all drawn together by 3 simple words.


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