3 words to capture the beauty of Deira

Dubai recently played host to a photography competition – Shot Hunt – raising awareness of the beauty and history of one of the oldest parts of the emirate.

Organised by Pullman Hotels & Resorts, five of the leading UAE and GCC based bloggers and social media influencers were invited on a shooting mission to capture scenes from the heart of Deira, before sharing their photos using the #ourworldisyourplayground hashtag.

The judging panel included what3words’ Partnerships Director for Travel and Tourism, Richard Lewis. They selected their favourite photos across seven categories, including Downtime in Deira, Deira’s delicious delicacies and Deira’s Best Smile.

3 word addresses were attached to each of the finalists photos, enabling judges and award attendees to easily locate the 3m x 3m square where the photo was captured.

Speaking after the awards ceremony, Vanessa Chinopoulou of Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre spoke enthusiastically about the buzz that the addition of 3 word addresses to the photos created amongst attendees:

“The guests were eager to find out what those 3 words exactly meant in the corner of each photo and they all reached for their phone to download the what3words app, to see where each Shot was taken. They loved the simplicity of this addressing system.” 

Many of the most amazing places in the world don’t have an address. With what3words, hospitality, travel and tourism businesses are now able share the locations of their properties more easily, and travellers can explore the world without getting lost.

3 word addresses can be used to identify virtually anything on the planet – a unique rock formation in the Outback, a canal lock along a waterway, the entrance gate to a temple high in the mountains. If it exists somewhere on the planet then it already has a 3 word address.

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