3 words to address the British Embassy in Mongolia


In 1963 Britain became the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia. Last week, the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar created another piece of history, becoming the first to add a 3 word address sign to their entrance.

The British Embassy not only provides consular services and assistance for British citizens, unrepresented Commonwealth citizens and some EU nationals, but also actively promotes opportunities for both British and Mongolian companies in the UK and Mongolia respectively. It is therefore vital that the embassy can be located easily.

Thanks to what3words, people now just need three simple words – ///trades.rules.existence – to find their way there. The embassy’s 3 word address brass sign was affixed to the entrance by Sir Simon McDonald, Permanent Under Secretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It’s not only the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar that is benefitting from more accurate addressing. Last year, Mongolia’s national postal delivery service, Mongol Post, adopted what3words as an addressing standard. The partnership has opened up home deliveries across the whole country, and even helped one 80 year old lady receive her first ever letter – an invitation to the Queen’s birthday party!

Everyone and everywhere in Mongolia now has a simple 3 word address, whether that’s in the centre of Ulaanbaatar, the informal Ger districts that skirt the capital or a hut on the edge of the Gobi desert.

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