3 words to take a run on the wild side

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises mind and body, with competitors navigating cross-country between a series of points marked on a map in the fastest time possible. It has a growing fan base, with over 120 certified orienteering clubs across the UK.

The Grampian Orienteering Club are using 3 word addresses to help organise weekly events in and around Aberdeen, helping participants easily find the starting point, accurate to a 3m x 3m square.

The offline functionality of the what3words app also makes it a perfect tool for anyone struggling to find their location with a map while out orienteering.

From a journey in an unfamiliar city to meeting friends in a park, 3 word addresses provide the simplest and most accurate way to plan a route from place to place. They’re also user-friendly and easy to communicate, making them a practical solution for sharing a precise destination.

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