PSFK | How This Company Is Revolutionizing Maps And Addresses


Ahead of her speech next week at PSFK 2017 in New York, what3words CCO Clare Jones sat down with the organisers to tell them more about how 3 word addresses can change the world.

“3 word addresses are not intended to replace existing addresses but add specificity when needed. Often when you look up an address in Google or Apple Maps, the pin will drop in the middle of a building (or sometimes in the middle of a building nearby). Traditional addressing systems don’t provide the accuracy we need, particularly with the rise of on-demand delivery and ridesharing services, where knowing the exact location of entrances and exits can save companies millions.

In a recent test in London, which is one of the best addresses cities in the world, a delivery company, QuiQup, found that on average drivers spent around 10 minutes in total on each delivery finding the pick-up and drop-off locations using traditional addresses, and just 4 minutes on average while using 3-word addresses. Addressing systems have barely changed in the past hundred years, but here is an opportunity—particularly as we look to the voice technology and autonomous systems of the future—for a fit-for-purpose addressing system that works globally”.

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