Start-up & Innovation in Travel award


what3words picked up the Start-up & Innovation in Travel award today at Eye for Travel, Europe’s largest forum for the travel and hospitality industry. The award recognises the impact that 3 word addresses are having on the travel and tourism industries, where effectively communicating location is essential.

what3words CMO, Giles Rhys Jones, and Richard Lewis, Partnerships Director for Travel and Tourism collect the award.

With what3words, you can specify a location, accurate to a single 3m x 3m square on the planet – from an attraction in the heart of a city to a beauty spot in the middle of nowhere. Holiday destinations are now easier for people to find and share. Travel agencies, tourism boards and rental accommodation can also display accurate and useful 3 word address details to help customers plan their trips.

3 word addresses can be used to identify virtually anything on the planet – a unique rock formation in the Outback, a canal lock along a waterway, the entrance gate to a temple high in the mountains. If it exists somewhere on the planet then it already has a 3 word address.

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