Venturing to Annapurna Base Camp with what3words

Gulf for Good organise adventure challenges around the world, inspiring people to raise funds which are then donated to handpicked charities in the region where the challenge is held.

In April, Jennifer Sault joined their 56th challenge – a nine day trek in Nepal through the stunning Himalayan Annapurna range. Following ancient paths used as trade routes between Nepal and Tibet, the trek was a challenge of both fitness and determination. She recounts the experience below, including 3 word address highlights from along the route.

If I could only choose three words to describe our journey to Annapurna Base Camp, they would be breathtaking, friends, and charity.


Nepal is a beautiful and diverse country: chaotic in its capital, yet offering majestic and serene landscapes. The Annapurna Base Camp trek has it all. We started in Kande, outside of Pokhara, and soon found ourselves trekking through villages, forests, and along potentially some of the world’s longest one-person suspension bridges.

While simple, the guesthouses were clean (mainly)…


…and the views were simply breathtaking


As we trekked, climbing in altitude each day, the landscape changed, and we soon found ourselves walking across dry rocky terrain, with the snowy-peaked Himalayas growing nearer everyday. Some of us (myself included) struggled with the altitude, as we climbed sometimes-unending stairs up to 4,120m. I knew that the trip would be a challenge, but what I didn’t expect is that the support and patience of others would be the element that encouraged me to not only continue despite difficulty, but to also laugh and enjoy. I gained 12 new friends while making the climb.


On our final day we departed at 3:30am, trekking through the snow to base camp in the darkness of night. Breathing heavily and walking slowly, we were rewarded by the rising sun. The Annapurna mountain ranges surrounded us – what an incredible view!


Believe it or not, Annapurna Base Camp wasn’t the highlight of the trip for me. Throughout our trek, we didn’t forget the purpose of doing it: to raise funds for a children’s charity in Nepal. Altogether, we raised $25,000 for the children at Mission Himalaya’s Eco Farm. Dancing and playing with them at the end of the adventure was the icing on the cake. Not only did this trip improve my life, but that of others as well…

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