Drumming up a storm at ///drum.teacher.shapes in Johannesburg, SA


Johannesburg local Taryn Lee Young started drumming at 9 years old, and teaching drums at 19. She had just taken a huge step, leaving her music school job to set up her own business teaching drums, when she heard about what3words.

Taryn realised that what3words’ simple and accurate 3 word addresses were the ideal way to help drumming students locate the correct entrance to her home. Living on a corner stand with two entrances, she was used to giving complicated directions to help friends and deliveries find her.

Imagine her amazement when she looked up the 3 word address for her front gate to discover it was ///drum.teacher.shapes! Taryn’s 3 word address is a rare coincidence as the dictionary words allocated to each 3 word address are completely random. She feels this incredible luck is confirmation that her new business endeavour is the right thing to do.

“I’m printing new business cards now with my 3 word address on them. We are also adding it to my music school’s website. It will really help my students find our house”
-Taryn Lee Young

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