Fast and healthy food deliveries with what3words and BasiliGo

BasiliGo deliver healthy gourmet food in Abu Dhabi, where addresses are often vague, inaccurate or non-existent. Drivers waste time looking for delivery entrances and have to use their own phones to call customers and ask for directions. Customers, on the other hand, get frustrated by delays and having to give long descriptive directions over the phone.

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BasiliGo have integrated what3words into their system so customers can input their 3 word address in the online checkout page, or share it over the phone when they place an order. The 3 word address is transmitted to the driver who can then navigate straight to the delivery location through his usual navigation app.

Using 3 word addresses makes deliveries much more efficient. Drivers don’t waste time looking for entrances and don’t have to use their personal data because they have a precise address they can drive straight to. Customers get their food without delays and enjoy it while it’s still healthy and hot.

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