Daimler announces investment in what3words

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Daimler AG today announced that it is expanding cooperation with what3words. As part of the move, Daimler took part in a round of financing by what3words and acquired a share of around ten percent. In addition, Mercedes-Benz will be the first automobile manufacturer to integrate the new 3 word address system and make it available to its customers.

With the A-Class as the first representative of the next generation of compact cars, a completely new infotainment system – Mercedes-Benz User Experience – will go into series production from as early as spring 2018. Drivers will be able to enter and search for precise destinations using 3 word addresses, by voice or text input, and the system is on display this week at CES 2018.

‘With Mercedes-Benz User Experience, we have moved one big step closer to our goal of making the vehicle into a mobile assistant”, emphasises Sajjad Khan, Executive Vice President – Member of the Board Mercedes Benz Cars at Daimler. “Our collaboration with what3words is heading in exactly this direction: Inputting locations in a simple way makes life easier for our customers and ensures a special experience. For this reason, we will further expand our cooperation with what3words in future and develop new fields of application.’

Access the full press release, images and video assets here.
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