More efficient delivery addresses for South Africa with what3words and Picup

Even in the best-addressed parts of South Africa, street addresses are inaccurate, inconsistent and don’t geocode correctly. Innovative last-mile delivery company Picup has found the solution: 3 word addresses.

Picup now asks all customers for the 3 word address of their delivery location. A 3 word address refers to a precise 3m x 3m square, allowing customers to request delivery to a specific entrance or part of a property. 3 word addresses geocode instantly to GPS coordinates and back again, so they integrate smoothly into Picup’s existing driver app, and can be used with any route planning or navigation platform.

Now customers can easily provide accurate delivery addresses, Picup no longer spends precious time and money ‘cleaning up’ bad addresses and manually positioning pins on a map. Delivery drivers find the correct location faster, and there are fewer failed deliveries.

And later this year what3words will be launching in isiZulu, isiXhosa and Afrikaans, allowing more South Africans to get deliveries to their 3 word address in their native language.

Find out more about Picup on its website, or learn more about what3words for Delivery & Logistics.

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