Sygic solves the last-mile challenge with what3words

Globally, almost 70% of addresses don’t lead to a front door. Poor addressing can be time consuming for drivers and causes significant losses for businesses every year. To address this problem and provide its clients with a more efficient solution to the last-mile challenge, Sygic, the leading GPS technology company, is collaborating with what3words.

Sygic’s business solutions and consumer apps are used by over 200 million drivers and 2,000 fleets worldwide including Amazon and Hermes, and it was the first GPS app to partner with Ford.

Sygic will integrate 3 word addresses into its existing business solutions, initially focusing on taxis, public transport, delivery and construction vehicles. Businesses will simply enable what3words within the Sygic technology they use. Wider integration into Sygic’s commercial products will be the next step.

‘Sygic is committed to exploring the boundaries of navigation’, said Martin Strigac, Sygic CEO. “what3words is the simplest way to talk about location and its rapid adoption across sectors means it is quickly becoming a standard. To get from A to B you need a map, navigation and to know precisely where A and B are. With what3words we can now offer a world class solution across all of these.”

Find out more about Sygic on their website and learn more about how what3words is transforming the automotive industry here.

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