Helping tourists explore London with UnderTheDoormat and what3words

UnderTheDoormat gives travellers the opportunity to live in the homes of Londoners while they are away, encouraging them to experience the city on a more personal level and explore its hidden gems.

To help tourists navigate to their accommodation more easily, UnderTheDoormat is including each home’s 3 word address in its online welcome guide. ‘Guests are at their most disorientated upon their arrival. We want to help them avoid this stress and make it as simple as possible for them to arrive at the front door’, says UnderTheDoormat CMO, Richard Bridger.

Providing guests with easy-to-use and accurate location information doesn’t stop there. UnderTheDoormat also publishes a local area guide to help visitors plan and enjoy their stay. The guide will soon be sharing 3 word recommendations – from the perfect picnic spot in Hyde Park, to the place to take the most eye-catching shot of London Bridge, enabling holidaymakers to get the most out of their visit.

You can learn more about UnderTheDoormat and how what3words is making waves in the travel and tourism industry here.

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