Paving the way for easier navigation in Pakistan with TPL and what3words

Finding your way around Pakistan can be challenging. Addresses are often confusing, inaccurate, and at times, non-existent.This means that even with the best navigation tools at hand, communicating location can depend heavily on local knowledge and lengthy, landmark-filled directions. Stressful journeys spent getting lost as well as delayed or missed deliveries are not unusual.

To solve this problem, TPL Maps, Pakistan’s leading digital mapping company will be adopting what3words. Over the next year, TPL will be integrating what3words into its mobile navigation app, its web-based map, and its In-Dash units that are used by automakers across the country.

“The integration of 3 word addresses into our maps will significantly benefit our users, especially those in poorly addressed locations”, said Adeel Hashmi, Head of TPL Maps.

To make discovering, sharing and navigating to a 3 word address as simple as possible for the population, the Urdu version of what3words is now in development. The new integrations will lay the groundwork for more accurate, faster and less frustrating navigation around Pakistan.

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