3WordPhoto helps with Beach Cleanup

To mark World Ocean Day, Nissan is inviting community groups across Europe to nominate remote and tough-to-reach beaches that require cleaning with what3words photo app.

Take a picture of the plastic pollution you find on your favourite beaches with the 3WordPhoto app and email it to beachclean@nissan.co.uk.

what3words has given every 3m x 3m in the world a unique 3 word address. You can use 3WordPhoto to add customisable 3 word address labels to your photos before you share, so your friends and followers will know exactly where they were taken.

You can take a photo with the app or import any photo on your device. The app uses the photo’s GPS location data to automatically find the correct 3 word address. Photos without location data can be manually labelled. 3WordPhoto can add 3 word addresses to photos in twenty-six languages.

How to use 3WordPhoto

Step 1: Open the app and take a photo of the plastic waste


Step 2: Refine your 3 word address to be totally accurate


Step 3: Customise the label


Step 4: Click the share icon


Step 5: Share to your email app and send to beachclean@nissan.co.uk

what3words powers

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