7 creative competition ideas inspired by what3words

Many people take advantage of 3 word addresses to find places more easily or to make their business more efficient. Others use them as an innovative way to create games and engage their fans with location-based competitions. From Imagine Dragons to Tomb Raider, check out these seven ways of using 3 word addresses to inspire your next competition:

1. Imagine Dragons lead fans to buried treasure

To build up excitement for the launch of their Evolve album, Imagine Dragons hid prizes at a 3 word address and wrote cryptic clues on social media for their fans to find them.

Imagine Dragons tweet for what3words treasure hunt

‘Huge congrats to the crazy people who cracked another hidden album art code last night. The letters at the bottom of the art were anagrams…. what3words took them to (deeply) buried treasure’ – Imagine Dragons.

2. Uncovering hidden gems with Montreal Urban Race

Montreal Urban Race was one of the first to run a city-wide scavenger hunt that involved teams uncovering local hidden gems using 3 word addresses. Participants were challenged to solve action-packed obstacles in hopes of being the first to reach the finish line and claim the grand prize.


3. Three words on track at Formula 1 Grande Prêmio do Brasil

For the Formula 1 Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2016, Manor Racing teamed up with what3words to challenge fans to provide answers to competitions in the form of 3 word addresses.what3words Manor Racing competition tweet

The competition involved predicting where on the grid Pascal Wehrlein would qualify. Entrants had to guess the grid slot and provide their answer as its 3 word address. The Manor Racing driver finished the qualifying session in 19th place, to occupy the grid position at ///stages.salad.similar

4. Indy Guide’s 3 word photo competition

Last May, travel platform Indy Guide ran a 3 word photo competition to generate excitement amongst their followers travelling through Mongolia and Central Asia. Hundreds of people took stunning shots and added 3 word addresses. The lucky winner with the most liked shot took home a DJI Mavic Air Drone.

5. The £20,000 prize at fruit.seriously.dressings

Giving their fans the chance to win a £20,000, Square Enix, Eidos Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics held a Tomb Raider experience in which they hid a golden dagger at a secret location in the UK.  To offer clues to find the dagger, they created a series of Tomb Raider puzzles and streamed them online across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mixer and Twitch.

SquareEnix created each clue using a different 3 word address. The competition reached  over 1.3 million viewers, with a total viewing time of over 14 years!

The golden dagger and £20,000 prize, were hidden at fruit.seriously.dressings, a vacant shop on Stony Stratford High Street in Milton Keynes.

The lucky winner of the Tomb Raider what3words Challenge

6. Catching ‘em all with  GiffGaff and what3words

As Pokémon Go swept the globe, giffgaff teamed up with what3words and developer, David Piesse, to launch a mapping tool called findcatchshare.

findcatchshare integrated what3words so that all Pokéstops, Gyms and Pokémon could be identified down to their exact 3m x 3m location. Players simply had to follow the 3 word address, catch their quarry and add it to their growing Pokédex.


Pokemon Go

7. Build your own treasure hunt

Inspired? It’s simple to create your own scavenger hunt with 3 word addresses – all you need is some stickers and a Sharpie!

competition idea for Christmas tweet

what3words powers

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