Cabify integrates what3words for a smoother and more reliable customer journey

Cabify, the largest e-hailing service in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets, experiences the frustrations and inefficiencies that come with inaccurate addressing on a daily basis.

The problem? When entering a regular street address into a digital map, a pin is usually dropped somewhere in the middle of a building or postcode. This makes it tricky for drivers to find the right drop-off points for passengers, adding to journey time and subtracting from customers’ experience.

To offer e-hailing passengers a better experience, Cabify has adopted what3words.

Cabify’s customers can now enter 3 word addresses to share precise drop-off locations with drivers. This will make the e-hailing experience smoother and more convenient, eliminating the time passengers need to spend directing drivers to exact destinations – be that a specific entrance, street corner or park gate.

And as drivers are given more precise drop-off locations, more efficient route planning will follow.

what3words now works in 26 languages, meaning that Cabify’s passengers don’t need to speak Spanish or Portuguese to enter a precise destination. Instead, they can convert a 3 word address from their own language to the local language, or vice versa, using the what3words app.

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