3 Word Go | what3words
Getting started
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Step 1. Enable Skill

When using an Alexa-supported device, say: ‘Alexa, enable 3 Word Go’.

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Step 2. Link with Uber

Alexa will prompt you to link your Uber account. First, go to ‘SKILLS’ in the Alexa app. Next, tap ‘LINK ACCOUNT’ on the 3 Word Go card and enter your login details.

Man getting picked up by a car at 3 words location Filled.Count.Soap

Step 3. Start using 3 Word Go

Easily order an Uber to and from a what3words address. For example, by saying: ‘Alexa, ask 3 Word Go to order me an Uber from filled count soap to index home raft’.

Your pick-up location must be within 2km from your current location and your destination within 100km.

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