what3words recognised at Fast Company’s ‘Innovation By Design Awards’

what3words picked up another accolade today, winning the ‘Social Good’ category at Fast Company’s sixth annual Innovation By Design Awards.

The awards drew more than 2,500 submissions, with the 299 finalists chosen by judges in 13 categories, representing the best products, services, interfaces, and ideas of 2017.

The Social Good award recognises projects that aid developing countries or underprivileged communities – on this occasion our work with NGO Gateway Health Institute in the informal settlement of KwaNdengezi in South Africa.

In KwaNdengezi, 50% of women give birth at home, and ambulance response times are too slow to help them if something goes wrong. 3 word addresses are giving KwaNdengezi’s residents an accurate and reliable way to talk about where they live, for the first time. For pregnant women, it makes a world of difference as medical services can now locate them to provide essential pre-natal care. And if anything goes wrong during the birth, ambulance crews now know exactly where to go to reach the mother and provide life-saving help.

In addition to addressing homes, Gateway Health is identifying the 3 word addresses of critical community assets including local government centers, medical facilities and clean water pumps. These are also being given printed signs, and will be listed on a detailed community map, helping residents, businesses and organisations to locate essential services and improving the community’s standard of living.

Learn more about using what3words for Humanitarian aid

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