Big Night uses what3words for a seamless food delivery experience

Many e-commerce companies including food delivery company Big Night, are using what3words’ innovative addressing solution to reduce failed deliveries and improve the customer checkout experience.

Big Night

Big Night is an online food delivery platform offering bespoke meals from independent cafes and restaurants. It’s important that customers have a seamless delivery experience to match the high quality of the food they are receiving. 

Many customers now provide their what3words address at checkout. It gives them the reassurance that their food will be delivered exactly where they want it. It’s great for Big Night too as their staff know customers are happy and delivery drivers can always find the front door. 

‘We’re always looking for tools and collaborators that can help us to do what we do more efficiently. That’s why we’ve started working with what3words. Inevitably, some of our customers have tricky addresses but what3words has provided us with a simple solution.’ Big Night

What is what3words?

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3 metre squares and given each square a unique address made of 3 random words – a what3words address. For example ///forces.rubble.lake is a spot in London’s Barbican estate. E-commerce customers can look up their what3words address on the free app or at and use it to order deliveries to an exact 3 metre square location. 

How does it work for e-commerce?

With millions of people already using what3words, e-commerce companies are seeing the value of adding a what3words field at checkout. This not only increases customer satisfaction but improves business efficiency by reducing the number of lost parcels and ‘Where is my order?’ queries — which are costly and time consuming to resolve. 

Customers find the what3words address for their doorstep or safe place — many customers will already have the app downloaded and know their precise what3words address.

Once at checkout, customers can enter their what3words address into an optional field. 

It’s free to add a what3words address entry field to your checkout page using plugins for most major e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify and more.

Find out more about how what3words is helping e-commerce companies and how you can get started here.