man holding personalised sign with a what 3 words dress on it

Quick to implement

Rapid urbanisation is leaving millions of people off the grid’ and difficult to locate. A 3 word address can be discovered in less than 60 seconds, enabling governments to give everyone an address in record time.

suburban area on hillside at 3 word address

Cost efficient

With what3words, each 3m x 3m square in your country has a 3 word address that will never change, reducing the need for set up and eliminating maintenance – even in areas of rapid development.

emergency ambulance in residential area at 3 word address danceable.defeat.startle

Complements existing addressing systems

3  word addresses can be used to help deliver services and emergency aid, as well as for government data collection – always as an enhancement or addition to existing street addressing systems.

Access to essential services

Governments struggle to deliver basic services to people without an address.

Using 3 word addresses allows governments to offer access to essential healthcare and financial services as well as voting, censuses, birth registry and education.

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