E-commerce plugins

Plugins for all of the major e-commerce platforms allow you to easily add a 3 word address field to your online checkout. All plugins include a tooltip to help customers enter their 3 word address, and our built-in AutoSuggest feature to prevent mistakes.

Once checkout is complete, the 3 word address is appended to the order and can be displayed at every point of the order confirmation and delivery process.


Available for both Magento 1 and 2, this extension adds what3words
to your Magento store.

View Magento V1 on Github

View Magento V2 on Github

This simple extension adds what3words to your OpenCart store.

View in OpenCart store

A plugin to let WordPress users with a WooCommerce store add
what3words to their checkout process.

View on WordPress.org

Easily add what3words to your WordPress site with this plugin.

View on WordPress.org

A plugin for developers to add what3words to a java-enabled website.

View on Github

Use this Shopify app to add what3words to your Shopify store.
Includes the option to deliver with Aramex.

Coming soon. Contact us to find out more

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