Deliver a better Customer Experience

Now that customers can communicate specific building entrances and designated safe spaces in just three words, you can offer faster, more accurate and highly reliable deliveries – anywhere in the world

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Partnered with iStore, Domino's, Picup and Zulzi
deliveryman handing small parcel to lady

Happier customers

34% of consumers think the retailer is at fault when a delivery fails.¹
With a 3 word address, deliveries can arrive in precisely the right place and on time, also eliminating frustrating driver phone calls asking for directions.

¹Fixing Failed Deliveries, Improving Data Quality in Retail, Magento & Addressy, 2017.
what3words address in different languages

Global addressing system

Addresses are not standardised globally.

what3words is available in over 35 languages, creating a universal standard for international shipping.


Simple to integrate

It’s easy to integrate what3words into checkout pages with our plugins, widgets or API.

How it works