In search of vorsprung.durch.technik with what3words and Audi

Car giant, Audi, discovered that their famous tag line existed as a 3 word address in the jungle outside Sao Paolo. Armed with the what3words app, the newly release Audi Q7 and an unbridled sense of adventure, they embarked upon a road trip to remember.

57 trillion opportunities

what3words is a new mapping system that divides the world into 57 trillion 3x3m squares. Each square is then identified by a 3 word address, chosen at random. Whilst searching the map, Audi discovered their famous slogan – vorsprung.durch.technik existed as an address in Brazil. So naturally they went to find it.

Meeting 3-word people

The road trip, in the new Audi Q7, took the team from the heart of Sao Paolo to the remote jungle. Along the way they meet a range of characters, from Pedro, who uses what3words to map the favelas and deliver packages, to the fishermen and merchants of Paraty, who live at action.giant.gabbing on the old Camino de Ouro (the Golden Road).
Audi documented their trip on social media, captured the journey on film and took some great photos to go with their story.

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