To our customers:

We are confident in our business model that underpins our ambitious vision as a company – to become a globally recognised standard for addressing that means everyone, everywhere, can accurately and efficiently communicate a location.

We thank you for being pioneers in your industry and joining us on this journey.

To give our customers further peace of mind, we have put in place a broad escrow arrangement which means our code and language packs will be released to customers and the public in the event of our insolvency.

Existing customers of our public API can find the details of this escrow arrangement in our updated API terms and conditions. For future Enterprise Suite Licence customers, this escrow arrangement will also be in your contract with us. For pre-existing Enterprise Suite Licence customers, you also automatically benefit from this escrow arrangement and we set out below everything you need to know.

In the event that what3words limited enters into insolvency or ceases to exist, without an acquirer of the business being found, (the “Relevant Event”) customers are entitled to request our code and language packs from our escrow agent (“SES”). All customers, even those on our free API tier, may benefit from this escrow arrangement.

A nominal release fee of £250 may be charged by our escrow agent but what3words has prepaid for the first release. Following the first successful release to any customer – SES will also immediately post our code and language packs onto Github for everyone (including customers and non-customers alike) to freely access.

Any release of our code and language packs, including onto Github, will be governed by an Apache 2.0 permissive free licence rather than under the terms of any pre-existing agreement.

If the Relevant Event has occurred, to obtain a copy of our code and language packs, Customers should provide SES with a Statutory Declaration which:

(a) is sworn by a duly authorised officer of your company or by yourself;
(b) sets out the facts and circumstances of the Relevant Event;
(c) confirms that your licence with what3words is valid and subsisting at the date of the Statutory Declaration and attaches a copy of the email confirmation you will receive upon successful sign up to the API OR a copy of your Licence Agreement with us; and
(e) confirms the details of an authorised representative or your own contact details to which the code and language packs should be sent

and send this to our escrow agent SES by post at SES Operations, Chadsworth House, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire, United Kingdom SK9 3HP and/or by email to