Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus

what3words muuttaa tuntemamme navigoinnin. Matka mihin tahansa kohteeseen maailmassa – kotoa töihin, taksimatka kaupungissa tai ajo mantereen halki – hoituu nyt 3 helpolla sanalla.

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Navmii gives you turn-by-turn driving and walking navigation. With traffic & hazard warnings, local search, driver analytics, downloadable maps and what3words, Navmii takes the hassle out of finding places.

Navmii on saatavillaiOS & Android

Autot ja kuljetus / Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus / Postipalvelut

The Helipaddy platform makes helicopter trip planning easy, with an extensive database of fully researched helicopter landing locations, navigation tools, travel guides and an active community and support portal. They have added what3words to their platform, so now all these locations are much easier to transcribe and share.

Helipaddy on saatavillaiOS, Android & Web

Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus

Crowsflight is a GPS compass that simply points. No instructions, maps to read or paths to follow. By combining GPS data with the compass, Crowsflight provides mapless navigation in an intuitive, at-a-glance way. With what3words integration, people can navigate to a precise location easily, even when offline.

Crowsflight on saatavillaiOS

Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus

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Tahtoisitko lisätietoa siitä, miten yrityksesi voi hyödyntää what3wordsiä?

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