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what3words-järjestelmä muuntaa maantieteelliset koordinaatit 3 sanan osoitteiksi ja päinvastoin. Ne voi löytää ja jakaa ilmaisella mobiilisovelluksellamme tai verkkokarttasovelluksella. Palvelu on upotettu myös moneen kolmannen osapuolen työkaluun, sovellukseen ja verkkosivuun. Löydät alta luettelon niistä kaikista. Voit etsiä työkaluja teollisuudenalan ja alustan perusteella.

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Kaikkia what3wordsin ominaisuuksia voidaan käyttää GIS-alustojen lisäosilla, kuten ArcGIS:llä, QGIS:llä ja Hexagonin Smart M.Apps -sovelluksilla.

Tutustu muihin GIS-työkaluihin kolmansien osapuolien tuotteissa tai ota yhteyttä, niin saat tietää lisää.


Tällä työkalulla voi muuntaa koordinaatteja 3 sanan osoitteiksi ja päinvastoin.

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Yritykset, kansalaisjärjestöt ja hallitukset voivat tämän palvelun avulla käyttää what3words-järjestelmää omilta palvelimiltaan.

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Mobiililaitteen SDK

Tämä paketti tarjoaa saman palvelun kuin API, mutta se voidaan asentaa älypuhelimeen ja toimii täysin ilman verkkoyhteyttä.

Lisätietoa käyttöjärjestelmille iOS ja Android


API on muutaman rivin koodi, jolla 3 sanan osoitteen toiminto voidaan lisätä olemassa olevaan sovellukseen, karttaan tai sivustoon.

Hanki API


iOS- ja Android-laitteisiin saatavilla oleva ilmainen sovellus tarjoaa kaikki hyödylliset karttaominaisuudet kätevässä paketissa älypuhelimia varten.

Lataa iOS-käyttöjärjestelmälle ja Android-käyttöjärjestelmälle


Osoitteessa olevalla ilmaisella karttatyökalulla voit löytää ja jakaa 3 sanan osoitteita nopeasti ja helposti.

Tutki karttaa

Autoaddress, the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland, has launched a free Eircode and what3words app for Apple and Android devices, that enables users to find and share any address or location in Ireland with maps, directions, deliveries and 3 words addresses.

Autoaddress on saatavillaiOS & Android

Jakelu ja logistiikka / Postipalvelut

UAVenture develops leading edge flight control software for the next generation of UAVs. They support a range of drone aircraft, used for mapping and land surveys, filming and surveillance, and drone delivery.

UAVenture on saatavillaWeb


PostCoder Web works internationally and provides postcode lookup and address auto-fill in the UK using reference data from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) and Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium. Allies have added 3 word addresses to PostCoder Web using the simple what3words API.

PostCoder on saatavillaWeb


Aramex is centrally located at the crossroads between East and West, allowing them to provide customized logistics solutions anywhere in the world effectively, and reach more businesses and consumers regionally and globally.

Aramex on saatavillaiOS, Android & Web

Jakelu ja logistiikka

Hylio build both delivery drones and the software to guide them to their destination. With what3words integration, delivery companies can now offer their customers delivery to a simple 3 word address.

Hylio on saatavillaWeb


Locus Map is the perfect app for anyone who loves exploring, whether they’re on foot, on a bike, or on a boat. 3 word addresses are now searchable in the app, and it will also recognise a 3 word address stored on the user’s clipboard.

Locus Map on saatavillaAndroid & Web

Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus

Speedy Route optimises route planning for trips with multiple destinations. It’s perfect for delivery drivers and sales executives on the go. The service is available worldwide, including to places that lack reliable street addressing. Users can now plot routes using what3words, improving location accuracy to any destination in the world.

Speedy Route on saatavillaWeb

Jakelu ja logistiikka

Geo-System is Poland’s leading provider of geoportals. The service powers over 1,700 geoportals, including those used by local government and NGOs. Geo-System is the first geoportal provider in Poland to integrate what3words into their service, helping to make geospatial data more accessible to everyone.

Geo-System on saatavillaWeb

Kansallinen infrastruktuuri ja hallinto

GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) is a platform offering coordinated Earth observation data systems, allowing people to search across 200 million resources. This information is used by a range of social and economic development projects, including disaster response and management of water resources. By integrating what3words, the data is now even easier to use and share.

GEOSS on saatavillaWeb

Omaisuuden hallinta

For anyone trekking around Poland’s national parks, Appen’s guides and maps are indispensable. However, describing exact locations especially in open spaces can be very difficult. Appen have overcome this problem by integrating what3words, providing Polish 3 word addresses for every 3m x 3m square in the world.

Appen on saatavillaiOS

Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus

Renting your place to holiday guests used to be complex and time consuming. The rise of Airbnb has turned the industry on its head, simplifying the process and turning rental properties into an additional source of income. Airsorted goes one step further, for homes in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, with a bespoke service that manages the whole rental experience for you.

Airsorted on saatavillaWeb


Seeing Assistant Move is an application developed by Transition Technologies S.A. in order to support blind and visually impaired people in everyday life. Application provides advanced geo-location and navigation features as well as current weather reports.

Seeing Assistant Move on saatavillaiOS & Android

Navigaatio ja liikkuvuus

The Hexagon Smart M.App revolutionises the idea of the map. It brings together dynamic information sources, spatial data and key business insights into an easy-to-use dashboard application. The cloud-based platform allows anyone to quickly prototype a specialised geospatial web application, to address their specific needs.

Hexagon Smart M.App on saatavillaWeb


The collaboration between what3words and Bluenumber will help to measure the progress of SDGs at an individual level. By providing a more accurate picture of where people are in the world – via the precision of a 3 word address – governments, businesses, NGOs and local communities can develop more effective policies and solutions to deliver the SDGs.

Bluenumber on saatavillaiOS, Android & Web

Humanitaarinen työ

DataCapable develops products for the intelligent detection and real-time visualization of this social data. Their flagship product UtiliSocial is a comprehensive Social Engagement platform that enables utilities and other corporations to respond to events faster, while interacting with customers on the platforms they are on.

DataCapable on saatavillaWeb

Jakelu ja logistiikka

FME is the world’s leading spatial data transformation technology. It’s the “go-to” software for anyone working with multiple data formats. By using what3words, users will be able to encode and decode what3words addresses to and from latitude,longitude coordinates, without writing any code.

Safe Software (FME) on saatavillaWeb


Traffic and congestion in some of India’s biggest cities makes delivering goods by mini-truck a challenge in itself. And with unreliable street addressing in the mix, the challenge can become a real struggle. Logistics specialists, Blowhorn, are bucking that trend, by integrating 3 word addresses into their collection and delivery service.

Blowhorn on saatavillaAndroid & Web

Jakelu ja logistiikka / Toimitus tilauksesta

Now you can order a Splashmap, using a 3 word address to specify exactly where in the world you need mapping. You can also get your Splashmap printed with key 3 word locations – like bus stops, first aid locations or where to park a bike – for that last-metre navigation.

Splashmaps on saatavillaWeb


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