Hosting on Airbnb is easier with what3words

Hosting allows you to share your unique lifestyle and meet new people. Whether you have a spare room or an extra property, this summer is a great time to create a memorable and authentic experience, and direct guests right to the door with what3words.

‘We love sharing our home with others’

Rosie & Adam, Airbnb Superhosts

At Aikenhead house, a rural Scottish smallholding, visitors stay in a farm cottage, or a tent hidden among the trees, and get involved in caring for the animals.

what3words is a partner of Airbnb

‘With what3words you can’t really fail’

When their sons left home, Ken & Carol had two free rooms, so they decided to share them on Airbnb and see what happened. That same night, they got their first booking.

Our village has one postcode

‘You can get to our village from three different directions, so saying, ‘go left at the Royal Oak’ doesn’t help, and there’s one postcode for the whole main road’.

No more lost guests

‘Before what3words, everyone who came would call to say ‘We’re outside the pub – where are you?’ They’d always be late, or get lost or both’.

What3words saved location function in use
Our guests love what3words

‘We send guests our what3words address and encourage them to get the app. Those that use it say “That was easy” – it makes such a difference’.

‘We help our guests explore the area’

Phil & Clare Nelson’s cottage in Llanddaniel, Wales has stunning views across Snowdonia. Having been lucky enough to travel the world, now they help guests do the same.

Sharing local tips

‘We give what3words addresses for local spots, like the very best bakery, or where to park for a coastal walk. Many of these would be difficult for visitors to find without what3words’.

Airbnb booking details with what3words address
Giving guests our location

‘We’ve added our what3words address to the information people get once they’ve booked. It reduces the number of guests who arrive and have to call us for directions.”

3 by 3 metre square outside holiday cottage
Directing services easily

‘what3words is invaluable for all the day-to-day aspects of an Airbnb – we even used it to make sure a guest’s wedding flowers arrived at the right spot, on time’.

Inspired to get involved?

As a new Host, you’ll get lots of support and information to help you succeed.

what3words is a partner of Airbnb

Airbnb & what3words webinar

On 20th July at 5:30pm UK time, what3words and Airbnb are hosting a free joint webinar to talk about the benefits of being a Host and how to get started.

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