Asset Management

With what3words, anywhere and anything on the planet can now be identified with a simple 3 word address – from water points and streetlights to entrances to hospital labs. With 3 word addresses, location data can be communicated and managed efficiently and accurately.

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Aligned Assets develop address management and gazetteer software for local authorities, the emergency services and the commercial sector, including utilities and telecommunications. You can now view and search for the 3 word address for any of the companies held in the Gazetteers.

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Addressing / Asset Management / Emergency Services / GIS

Ambiental’s flood risk and management GIS platform allows governments, responders and development agencies to assess flood risks and respond to incidents in real time. They have added what3words to their platform to enable the communication of location before and during floods, and in flood recovery work.

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Asset Management / GIS

H2ONow has created smart water pumps and an accompanying platform to enable local communities and agencies to improve their pump maintenance, and to give real-time information to local people about the most useful water source each day. Each smart pump installed is tagged with a 3 word address, which is used to communicate between stakeholders.

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Asset Management

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