For civilians and field workers using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), what3words is a simpler destination input that is far less error-prone than using GPS coordinates to identify a landing site, delivery drop or waypoint.


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DroneRadar is an app that displays airspace traffic information in Poland. It has fully embraced 3 words addresses: they appear alongside flight information, and users can use them instead of GPS coordinates when they type in their own paths. This helps make the airspace safer and opens up the use of drones to non-professional operators.

DroneRadar is available for iOS & Android


Copter Express builds and distributes delivery drones, and the software to manage flight routes. Using drones enables fast and precise deliveries, increasing efficiency. With what3words integrated into the Copter Express software, users can now send a drone to any location without the complexity of using GPS coordinates.

Copter Express is available for Web

Deliveries & Logistics / On demand delivery / UAVs

UAVenture develops leading edge flight control software for the next generation of UAVs. They support a range of drone aircraft, used for mapping and land surveys, filming and surveillance, and drone delivery.

UAVenture is available for Web


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