Aiuti umanitari

what3words permette di consegnare beni, servizi e aiuti umanitari essenziali a chi ne ha più bisogno. Migliora l'efficienza della catena di approvvigionamento e consente di raggiungere anche chi vive in aree densamente popolate o molto isolate, in cui spesso gli indirizzi si rivelano non adatti allo scopo.



The collaboration between what3words and Bluenumber will help to measure the progress of SDGs at an individual level. By providing a more accurate picture of where people are in the world – via the precision of a 3 word address – governments, businesses, NGOs and local communities can develop more effective policies and solutions to deliver the SDGs.

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Aiuti umanitari

Building on UNDP’s use of what3words in the field in many regions across Africa, the regional security team in Turkey are using it to communicate across their teams. Drivers and security team members have downloaded the free what3words application, which enables them to simply describe the exact location of assets, people and even any incidents that arise.

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Aiuti umanitari / Servizi di emergenza

Using Aurecon’s technology combined with satellite or building footprint data, every home, shelter and asset can be remotely assigned the most useful 3 word address for asset management, urban planning and upgrading of informal settlements.

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Aiuti umanitari / Attribuzione di indirizzi / Gestione degli asset

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