Digital business directory Cylex integrates what3words | what3words

UK online business directory, Cylex, has integrated what3words, enabling businesses to offer customers an easier way to find their exact entrances.

How it works

It’s easy for businesses to add their 3 word address to their contact details by:

  1. Signing into the Business Directory
  2. Going to ‘Map and routing’
  3. Entering their precise location into the ‘3 word address’ field.

Finding a 3 word address within Cylex

Businesses can identify their 3 word address within Cylex by repositioning the red map pin on the ‘Map and routing’ page.

The precision of what3words to 3m x 3m means that customers can easily navigate to local businesses that list their 3 word address, hassle-free.

Finding nearby businesses

At the same time, people can find the businesses nearest  to their current 3 word address by entering their 3 word address to the search bar – without the need for a street address. Businesses close by will then display in the search results.

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