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We are looking for native speakers of Odia to help us localise our product.

what3words is a global addressing company that has given every 3m square on the planet an address of 3 random words – for example, our London office is located at ///filled.count.soap. 3 word addresses are more accurate than street addresses or postcodes, but much easier to remember and communicate than 16 digit lat-long coordinates. Please see the map at and follow the link at the bottom of the page to ‘Learn More’.

You may also be interested to watch this TED talk from our co-founder and CEO, Chris Sheldrick: and read a little more about one of our favourite ways what3words is used: (do watch the video at the bottom!).

We are currently working to launch an Odia version of our map, so that every 3m square in the globe will have its own unique 3 word address in your language. The job focuses on two main areas:

1) making sure that the best, most common Odia words are used, and

2) making sure that there are no unsuitable words in the 3 word addresses.

Full training will be provided.

Work: Freelance from home (computer and internet access needed)

Duration: Successful candidates will be accepted for online project training at 2400 INR for a total of three hours' work. If successful with the training, you will be offered further work for up to 3 months, which will be on a part-time basis around 5-10 hours per week paid at 800 INR per hour.

The deadline for applying to the role is Thursday 31st October, and successful candidates will start the project on Monday 4th November.


No specific qualifications are required although, of course, you must be a native speaker of the language, and pride yourself on your written and spelling skills! It is helpful if you are passionate about language and/or technology, and you must be able to communicate confidently in English. If you are interested in working with us, please apply via the application options below - before expressing your interest in our project, please familiarise yourself with our website thoroughly and explore our map. We’d love to hear what you think of what3words, including an example of when you think it might come in handy for you, and you’ll also be asked to upload a copy of your CV.

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