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what3words – A perfect partner for the Travel & Tourism Industry

Despite all the tools and services at our fingertips, we still struggle to define and communicate a precise location.
17/01/2017/by Dom

Press: DataIQ | New Year’s resolution – more data, use it better

Global address systems such as what3words offer a real opportunity to bring millions of people into the political process, financial services and the wider digital economy.
10/01/2017/by Dom

Press: CNN | Ivory Coast street addresses are now made of three words

Delivering parcels and letters isn't always straightforward in Ivory Coast, where street addresses are few and far between, and large settlements often have no address system at all.
10/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Validating identities with what3words and Bluenumber

BlueView searches have been enhanced through what3words integration, allowing users to associate their unique Bluenumber to an equally unique 3 word address.
04/01/2017/by Dom

what3words: 2016 adventures

Our Global Partnerships Director, Clare Jones, reflects on a busy year for us here at what3words
31/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Identifying disaster zones with what3words and the Philippine Red Cross

Millions of people affected by natural disaster receive better emergency response and aid deliveries after the Philippine Red Cross begins to use 3 word addresses.
29/12/2016/by giles

Partner: Precision piloting with what3words and UAVenture

Delivering anything by drone needs addressing that’s precise enough to specify as a landing point, and simple enough for a customer to use and share.
20/12/2016/by Dom

Grab an early Christmas gift with what3words and giffgaff

Christmas comes early for a few lucky prize winners, thanks to a festive treasure hunt from giffgaff and a sprinkling of 3 word address magic, courtesy of what3words.
19/12/2016/by Dom

Webinar: Optimise the delivery of goods, services and essential humanitarian aid to those who need it most with what3words.

what3words is being used globally in humanitarian aid, disaster response and development work.
16/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Hexagon Geospatial integrates what3words into its Hexagon Smart M.App platform

In the Hexagon Smart M.App platform, 3 word addresses can be easily displayed for any coordinate in any dataset, or entered in the search bar to locate a specific point on a map.
16/12/2016/by Dom

Press: The Hindu Business Line | British company seeks India address to help e-commerce firms in delivery

what3words is hoping to tap into India's burgeoning e-commerce industry by providing a service that makes addresses - and thereby delivery systems - much smarter.
15/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Washington Post | Three-word addressing scheme adopted in Mongolia and Ivory Coast

A neat, out-of-the-box kind of idea, that could make a real difference in the many places in the world where peoples’ lives are really burdened by the absence of an effective street-addressing system.
15/12/2016/by Dom

Press: CNET | Ivory Coast adopts unconventional digital address system

what3words offers an easy-to-remember system for identifying any 3m x 3m square in the world, good for commerce and navigation in the African nation.
14/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Postal Technology International | Ivory Coast adopts what3words addressing system

With few street names, many informal settlements and largely…
13/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Gulf Daily News | what3words launches new address system in Saudi Arabia

what3words has joined hands with Saudi Arabia’s Moqam company to launch what3words’ global address system in the country.
13/12/2016/by Dom

Press: The i newspaper | New code could change the way we deliver mail

Ivory Coast has adopted a new system that could pave the way in a revolution in mail delivery the world over.
12/12/2016/by Dom

The smarter way to find the way

We know more about our world than ever before, so why is it still so difficult to get around?
12/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Post & Parcel | Côte d’Ivoire opts for what3words

The Côte d’Ivoire’s La Poste has adopted the what3words system as its addressing standard.
12/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Quartz | Ivory Coast is changing all its addresses to three-word phrases

Ivory Coast is following in the footsteps of Mongolia by adding a new three-word addressing method to its postal system.
11/12/2016/by Dom

Press: BBC World Service | Focus on Africa

Jan Jakubowski speaks to Alex Duval Smith about what3words and the adoption of 3 word addresses in Côte d’Ivoire.
10/12/2016/by Dom

Press: African Herald Express | Côte d’Ivoire adopts what3words as postal addressing system

Côte d’Ivoire is the first African nation – and second country in the world – to adopt 3 word addresses to improve its national infrastructure.
10/12/2016/by Dom

Press: BBC News | Ivory Coast post office adopts three-word system

Ivory Coast has adopted a new system of postal addresses that will allow the whole country to receive mail deliveries for the first time.
09/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Bdaily | From Abidjan to Divo, what3words addressing adopted by Côte d’Ivoire postal system

London-based tech firm what3words has added another national postal system to the list of services utilising its unique three-word addressing system.
09/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Côte d’Ivoire adopts what3words as addressing system

what3words, the multi-award winning addressing system, has been adopted as an addressing standard for La Poste, the Côte d'Ivoire’s national postal system.
08/12/2016/by Dom

Press: Saudi Gazette | what3words launched to find any location in Saudi Arabia

what3words announced a new distribution partnership with MOQAM at a press conference in Jeddah on Sunday.
06/12/2016/by Dom

3 words coming to a screen near you

3 word addresses are being increasingly used in TV, film and photography - both behind the camera and on centre stage.
05/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Delivering the goods with what3words and Source Supplies

Source Supplies provide commercial cleaning and hygiene products and services to many different types of businesses including. With what3words integrated into their route planning systems, every delivery is straightforward.
02/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Hassle-free home letting with what3words and Airsorted

Renting your place to holiday guests used to be complex and time consuming. To help make things even easier, Airsorted has integrated what3words into their on-boarding service.
02/12/2016/by Dom


The sleepy French town of Montargis is now on the world map for being home to the first business to name itself after its own 3 word address.
30/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Addressing inequality with what3words and Gateway Health Institute

The Gateway Health Institute is a South African non-profit organisation, working to solve pressing global health and development challenges.
30/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: 3 words on track with what3words and Manor Racing

As part of their “Fast Companies Series” initiative, Manor Racing partnered with what3words for the Formula 1 Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2016.
25/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Smarter city searches with what3words and City of Ulaanbaatar

Whether you’re looking for local health facilities, maintaining a row of street lights, or trying to find a government building in the City of Ulaanbaatar, your first port of call should be the city’s own public service map.
22/11/2016/by Dom

Navigating with a 3 word twist

Check out our favourite 3 word address-friendly apps for navigating the world beyond your doorstep.
17/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Watching the Earth with what3words and GEOSS

GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) is a platform offering coordinated Earth observation data systems, allowing people to search across 200 million resources.
16/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Cracking the geo-code with what3words and Geo-System

Whether you’re a resident, a business or a tourist of Poland, it’s likely that you’ve used a geoportal operated and managed by Geo-System Poland.
16/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Supporting the visually impaired with what3words and Seeing Assistant Move

According to the World Health Organisation, there are 285 million people around the world who are blind or visually impaired.
16/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Trekking Poland’s national parks with what3words and Appen

For anyone trekking around Poland’s national parks, Appen’s guides and maps are indispensable. However, describing exact locations especially in open spaces can be very difficult.
16/11/2016/by Dom

Around the world with what3words and STA Travel

From Barcelona to Sydney and Cape Town to California, STA Travel embarked on a whistle-stop tour around the world with freelance photographer, Ollie Alli.
15/11/2016/by Dom

Now you can search with Yandex maps

As part of our ongoing improvements and upgrades to your experience of what3words, we’re pleased to announce that Yandex maps have now been integrated into the what3words map.
14/11/2016/by Will Henderson

Manor Racing F1 partnership

As part of their “Fast Company Series” initiative, Manor Racing is partnering with what3words for the 2016 Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix.
11/11/2016/by Dom

Press: Postal Technology International | Lost and found

With most countries in the world lacking a decent addressing…
11/11/2016/by Dom

Reaching for the moon at the WIRED Audi Innovation Awards

what3words picked up another prestigious prize at the 2016 Audi Wired Innovation Awards, snapping up the “2016 Most Exciting Moonshot” award.
11/11/2016/by Dom

Press: Geospatial World | New Delhi startup teams with what3words to get women home safely

A Delhi-based taxi service, Bikxie, is utilizing what3words’ award-winning addressing system to help females travel more safely.
10/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Smoother adventures with what3words and Nomadic Off Road

Discovering the wonders of Mongolia might mean leaving the paved streets and heading into the desert.
10/11/2016/by Dom

A new brand identity

Our mission is to become the global standard for communicating location, so to create a universal mark we also needed the what3words icon to feel as familiar as a classic map mark.
08/11/2016/by Dom

An audience with the PM at the India-UK Tech Summit

what3words took centre stage at the India-UK Tech Summit in New Delhi, showcasing the power of 3 word addresses to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.
07/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Find your home away from home, with what3words and Landmark Hotels & Suites

Over the years, Landmark Hotels & Suites has grown to become a key hospitality player across the Middle East.
07/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Pub crawls planned with what3words and Pub Mapper

London is crammed full of thousands of great pubs and bars. For anyone planning a night out in the capital, the Pub Mapper app is just what they need. It provides a handy guide to all the best pub crawls at their fingertips.
02/11/2016/by Dom

3 words to address our nations

what3words has partnered with a number of national mapping agencies across the globe.
02/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Tracking a path to progress with what3words and Gurtam

By integrating 3 word addresses into their Wialon software platform, Gurtam can enhance the reliability and accuracy of its addressing solution, anywhere on the planet.
28/10/2016/by Dom
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