Fife-based rally outfit eRally have built the UK’s first electric rally car for junior drivers, based on a Renault Zoe. They use what3words to compete in rally events more efficiently and to coordinate their team.

Rallying is a point-to-point race against the clock. When the car or crew has a problem, the service crew need to reach them quickly. But rallying locations are often remote and rural, making describing and finding exact locations difficult, especially where there is poor data connection. Now the eRally driving team can simply check the 3 word address for their location, and communicate this to the service crew quickly and easily, over the phone or by text. The crew can then navigate straight to the precise location, even offline.

Photo credit: Alan Scott Photography

The team also use what3words to easily find their spot in the service area. Rally service areas are temporary affairs, often on wasteland, fields or unused land on trading estates. There may be over 100 crews all set up on the day, and every precious minute spent looking for your crew takes time away from repairs. With what3words, the eRally team always find their spot quickly and easily.