Motorcyclists can enter and save 3 word addresses in the Kurviger app

Kurviger is a German motorcycle route planner that helps riders to plan more enjoyable routes by favouring winding roads and slopes over cities and highways.

However, many of the best locations en route aren’t easy to find. To help its users find and share their favourite spots, plan routes and create precise waypoints, Kurviger has integrated what3words.

Now motorcyclists can navigate to any precise location by entering its 3 word address into the Kurviger app. They can mark precise waypoints with 3 word addresses too.

In addition, looking up a nearby location’s 3 word address is as simple as tapping it within the app – whether that’s the best pit stop, the start of a fun-to-ride road or the least busy route.

‘Motorcyclists like to travel outside of cities and in remote areas where one cannot determine a position by reading street signs or house numbers. We wanted to provide our users a memorable alternative to coordinates, which can be useful for emergencies or just to remember a nice place along the route’ – Robin Boldt, Founder of Kurviger.