To help improve the user experience, Chinese Tier 1 supplier Pachira has integrated what3words into its advanced speech technology solutions.

Pachira is part of the Navinfo group who is one of the largest digital map providers in the world.

The partnership will help make voice navigation more user-friendly, accurate and efficient. A 3 word address is very easy to enter into any car navigation system, manually or via speech recognition.

Traditional addresses were not designed for voice input and China has particularly complex addresses which are difficult to input with voice. For example, there are many 博爱路(Bo Ai Road) in Nanjing and several 中山东路 (Zhongshan East Road) in Shanghai which can lead to confusion when navigating in cities with which you are not familiar.

‘Pachira develops highly innovative, market-leading voice recognition and language processing systems, so what3words is delighted to be included in their offering. With the integration of our technology, OEMS can offer a near-effortless navigation experience for their drivers – using just three words.’ said Clare Jones, what3words Chief Commercial Officer