what3words in-car navigation is now part of Bosch’s infotainment system offering.

Bosch works with some of the largest OEMs in the world to provide an incredibly advanced user experience for its drivers. Reducing driver distraction and improving safety is a key part of Bosch’s infotainment offering; its voice control systems are helping drivers use different functions easily without looking at the display. Now that Bosch is including what3words as part of its navigation offering, drivers will be able to enter their destination simply by saying three words.

As what3words is accurate to 3m x 3m, instead of entering lengthy street addresses, or postcodes that cover large areas, drivers will be able to use what3words addresses to easily navigate to the right entrance, parking spot or loading bay.

How does it work?
When a driver enters a what3words address by voice or text, what3words technology converts it into GPS coordinates and returns them to the Bosch infotainment system for routing.

What are people saying?
‘The more complex the technology in modern vehicles, the simpler and more intuitive control systems need to be. By integrating what3words into our infotainment systems, we let the drivers concentrate on driving and keep them concentrated on the road. For our customers this means another easy, safe, and innovative way of entering destinations’ said Luis Arevalo, Vice President of Product Management for Automotive Infotainment, Bosch.

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words added, ‘Bosch technology is continually updated with the latest in innovation and we are delighted that what3words is now part of its offering.’

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